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Re: BoCon - when ? <!-- s/Bo/Bi/ -->

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> I recommend instead of having bicon and abicon, having bicon.bin and
> bicon respectively. I think that would help settle the confusion (and
> have seen it done by various other projects).

Well, I'm thinking something different:  bicon is something that
almost works in all terminals, while abicon is console specific.

Moreover, (Alkarouri:)  we should deliver bjoining_vu and
bconsole_vu too.  They are extremely useful.  The are cat-like
utilities to read Arabic in say gnome-terminal.   BTW, they need
a better name.  Perhaps not for this release.  There are also
bconsole/vuconsole and bconsole/edconsole that need to be

> I personally am not a big fan of the 'abicon' -- it certainly threw me
> off.

Well, bicon is supposed to be a library for doing Arabic in
console.  I mean, other programs are welcome to use the joining
stuff in bicon as a library.  I'm not sure about the names, but
better we fix the names from the first release.  Maybe "bicontty"
is a good name for "abicon", or "bycon" ;).

> Also, as far as the keymaps installing in places where specific distro's
> dictate -- let me tell ya, it will be a nightmare. I know, I had to deal
> with that with Akka.
> My recommendation is to leave that up to package creators.. or have the
> script 'detect/ask' what distro it is and selectively install based on
> that. Otherwise, every other distro seems to think different locations
> are more suitable for keymaps.

I only meant to do that in a portable way.  Perhaps we can leave
it for now, but adding configure parameters for them is what I
see a clean solution.  Guess there are parameters for that
already.  RPM invokes ./configure with a myriad of parameters.  I
will check later, no stopper for now.

> Regards
> Mohammed Elzubeir