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Re: BoCon - when ? <!-- s/Bo/Bi/ -->

On Sun, 2004-03-28 at 21:47, Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> Salam,
> BiCon is almost ready for an initial release.  Just that I've got
> a bug in bconsole to fix before release.  I'm working on it.
> Other issues:
>   * I can't see where the name abicon comes from?

Well, the idea is:
- bicon is the executable, that gives bidirectionality
- abicon is a script that loads keymap and font before bicon

If bicon was (a BIdirectional CONsole) then abicon is A BIdirectional

I did not mean arabic bicon certainly if that's what you mean. (now that
you ask, hmm)

>   * bin/bicon should be removed and the functionality should be
> added to the abicon.  I try to do this too.

yes, I just didn't check the options. if you can do that for me..

>   * In the long run I like bicon to install the keymaps and fonts
> in the distros location for these.  Under Fedora it's somewhere
> under /lib.

Sure, let this for the next (beta) version. And I will make an rpm, in
shaa Allah.

>   * We better update the keymaps and send them upstream to the
> kbd maintainers.  The Persian maps needs to be updated before
> that.

The Arabic maps also need revision. Anybody can do that for us, please?

> behdad


Muhammad Alkarouri