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Re: BoCon - when ? <!-- s/Bo/Bi/ -->


On Fri, 2004-03-26 at 19:38, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> When can we expect to see a BiCon release ?
> >From what I've gathered in the past is that the code is ready to go,
> but the documentation was somewhat lacking (right ?).  My suggestion

To a large extent, yes. Any faults in the software are not
important/critical bugs.

> is to write-up whatever a user would need in terms of info to install
> and use the package (README and INSTALL files) and do a preliminary
> release.  Once a release is accomplished continue to work on the more
> "thorough" documents.  This would at a minimum bring in much needed
> testers.
> I'd really like to see Akka completely removed and that requires a
> BiCon release.
> To all the other projects, do please update your project blurbs with
> your current status.  Of key concern are your future plans/releases
> and __schedules__.
> Salam.
>  - Nadim

I am actually in a rather complicated situation here, travelling at  
around 1 train/day.
Still, I think that your idea is sensible. I hope a release will enable
more contributions from others.

So, provided that no other suggestions (Behdad/Elzubeir?) are done, I
will release a 0.3 alpha tomorrow. After clearly documenting how to
install and use the package.

Hopefully, we can get a beta by next week.


Muhammad Alkarouri