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Duali and misc.


I have just committed M.Yousif's contributed code to CVS. Duali is
certainly not ready yet -- but the contributed code does give us a big
boost. It implements the most important class (aralex.py in the Python
version), which is named 'lexicon' here.

There are two major problems we have now:

 + Dependency
   - Duali currently depends on both PME and Glib2. The Glib2 is not
     something I'm beating myself over, but PME is not exactly your
     most popular library. I am yet to find a distribution that
     includes the package.
 + Licensing (the damned licenses)
   - As we all know (and some hate), Duali is under the BSD License.
     PME is written under the LGPL. I know using it is not an issue.
     Does anyone know if including it in the code tree, under   
     contrib/ or similar going to be an issue? (to resolve the
     dependency issue)

Mohammed Elzubeir