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Re: Regarding QaMoose

(I'm not sure if you're addressing me b/c I couldn't find a 'Munir' in the arabeyes people list.  I figure either you're calling me by my father's name or you're talking to Munzir.  :))

The design of the dictionary needs to precede the design of the data format.  Off the top of my head, a database would probably be needed in order to handle all the categorization and referencing.  I don't imagine the schema will be huge, but it does need to be more structured than simple flat-files will comfortably allow.

Arabeyes core: please give me the go/no go word on producing a prototype.  If yes, this means you will adopt the project and give input on how to improve it.  I don't want to spend a couple months talking to translators and hacking up something that eventually gets thrown away.
Moustafa Mounir Elqabbany مصطفى منير القباني
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Ahmad Al-rasheedan wrote:
On Saturday 14 February 2004 21:25, Moustafa Mounir Elqabbany wrote:
As I mentioned to Brother Ahmed Al-Rasheedan in a private email, I needed
to take some time off of my small commitment to read up on gettext, kbabel,


If PO files are not suitable for the job, what do you think is suitable?
How a pair of English word and its Arabic translation is stored?

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