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Re: Regarding QaMoose

--- Moustafa Mounir Elqabbany <elqabbany at sunnipath dot com> wrote:
> So, in summary, the QaMoose project needs to be reworked.  (If, as I believe,
> it is meant to be a general purpose dictionary.)  Insha'Allah, I am willing
> to do this, and even to produce a prototype. However, I want commitment from 
> arabeyes that they will adopt such aproject and that I will not have just
> wasted a bunch of effort.  Also,I cannot commit to adding enough entries to 
> the dictionary to make it useful.  Simply importing the data from the PO
> isn't enough because of their lack of structure.  Someone needs to go through

> the imported data and structure it.  This is enough work for a dedicatedteam,

> but this is what is needed if you really want to have ageneral-purpose, 
> academically rigourous dictionary.

As noted, I don't think a prototype is that big of a deal given an agreed
upon structure is presented.  In order for agreement to happen (from my end
at least), I would want a thorough understanding of what other open source
sites do with regard to this topic and how they structure their data.  I
would also want (and would call for even) the adoption of an open source
method instead of us reinventing our own along with the scripts to mold it
to something that others can accept.  Keep in mind that we are aiming this
Wordlist to be used by All sources out there.

In short, go ahead and research this topic and present your findings.  See
what the various open source English->German or Dutch->French, or whatever
other dictionaries are doing and put forth a recommendation.  Do also look
into the 'dictd' project to see how it would accept all these categories,
settings, etc.


 - Nadim

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