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Re: PuTTY Bidi

Ok, the code says:

     Source code in this file and the accompanying headers and included files
	 may be distributed free of charge by anyone, as long as full credit is
	 given and any and all liabilities are assumed by the recipient.

	 Written by: Asmus Freytag
	 Command line interface by: Rick McGowan
	 Verification and Test Harness: Doug Felt

     Copyright (C) 1999, ASMUS, Inc. All Rights Reserved

So does it say you can edit it?  No.
Does it say you can distribute a binary version of this code?  No.

You are still free to do what you are doing.


On Sun, 7 Mar 2004, ahmad khalifa wrote:

> >As far as I know, no, you can't.  Do you think I would have
> >written fribidi if one could simply use that code?  Moreover,
> >that code does not handle Unicode.  Just ASCII, as you said
> >yourself.
> Can you or someone else confirm that i cant use because licensing
> issues..??
> >I recommend you drop it as soon as possible.  That's like the
> >Java source code.  Just reference.
> well, it works doesnt it..!!
> >No.  It does not support Unicode.
> i changed it, remember?
> >Apart from this issue, I have serious problems with this approach
> >of passing every line to bidi....  But I don't open my mouth now.
> >That's what you are doing, good or bad.  I just said that because
> >unlike what people usually think, a wrong implementation *can*
> >hurt the global movement.
> then y dont u just let me use fribidi if u care so much about
> the "global movement" ???
> ak.
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