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Re: PuTTY Bidi

As far as I know, no, you can't.  Do you think I would have
written fribidi if one could simply use that code?  Moreover,
that code does not handle Unicode.  Just ASCII, as you said

Can you or someone else confirm that i cant use because licensing issues..??

I recommend you drop it as soon as possible.  That's like the
Java source code.  Just reference.

well, it works doesnt it..!!

No. It does not support Unicode.

i changed it, remember?

Apart from this issue, I have serious problems with this approach
of passing every line to bidi....  But I don't open my mouth now.
That's what you are doing, good or bad.  I just said that because
unlike what people usually think, a wrong implementation *can*
hurt the global movement.

then y dont u just let me use fribidi if u care so much about the "global movement" ???


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