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Re: Quran data certification (was - Things...)

--- Manal Rayess <mrayess at sharjah dot ac dot ae> wrote:
> "Abdalla S. Alothman" <abdalla at pheye dot net> wrote:
> > On Thursday 12 February 2004 01:08, merlin12345 wrote:
> > >  + Quran certification - any organization/entity willing to do it ?
> > >    => Ossama, OTHERS ?
> >
> > > no experience here, but im willing to look into it. will do isa.
> > 
> > What's the issue here, if I may ask?
> Willing to know more about "Quran Certificate"?

There are so many threads on this topic (use google 'site:arabeyes.org
quran' to see some results as our internal search engine is down at
the moment) since this topic is a year old and growing.  Here are some
links that will give you idea of the problem,


There are lots of other posts and threads on this topic !!

To add to the above, we finally (via Mr. Ossama Khayat) got a definitive
answer from QuranComplex and they said "NO, can't help you", no reason
was given.  One other thing that has surfaced since is a linux enthusiast
has contacted us suggesting that maybe we can get the Pakistani authorities
to certify out text upon which time we can move to get it certified by
other entities as well since it would be more 'legitimized' (I think we'll
go with this once a couple of issues are resolved and Mohammed Yousif
returns (Quran project's coordinator) for some final clean-up and some
attention to various matters).

As noted, it would be best if we got as many eyes and as many entities
looking at the text (and we also need translations and need them certified
as well to avoid any "ta7reef" issues).


 - Nadim

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