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Re: ITL release

Nadim Shaikli writes:
 > --- Thamer Mahmoud <thamer at newkuwait dot org> wrote:
 > > I'm aware of this, but I wasn't sure that it's an upload
 > > requirement. I thought a bug report on this should be enough for
 > > now. If that's not the case, we could either make one fast (Nadim?),
 > > or maybe I shall move the ireminder.pl script to the
 > > /usr/share/doc/itools/example/ folder as a temp/ugly workaround.
 > ireminder.pl is a script that is meant to simply have a '--help'
 > command-line option. 

Consider this as a bug report ;-)

When I run ireminder I get: 
ERROR - can't find ipraytime

What I should get:
ERROR - can't find ipraytime
Usage: ireminder.pl [-ipraytime path]
                    [-skip event_name]
                    [-reminder minutes]

It is best to let the user know that a --help argument does exist
without the need for a manpage.

 > I saw Thamer's request for a manpage, but dismissed it thinking it
 > was overkill.  Is there a place to put scripts in debian (aside
 > from the locations lintian checks) that we can use (maybe
 > /var/lib/itl/bin/ or /usr/share/ or similar) ?

There is at least one other /usr/bin/ script on my system with no
manpage (fixmswrd.pl from the gs-common package).

 > Should I re-upload the 0.6.1 itools release to sf.net just to be clean ?

Those were some Debian related fixed and you may wish to wait until
all the issues with Debian are over.

Thamer Mahmoud