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Re: ITL release

--- Ayman Negm <a dot negm at gmx dot de> wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 29, 2004 at 12:36:06PM -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > ireminder.pl is a script that is meant to simply have a '--help'
> > command-line option.  I saw Thamer's request for a manpage, but
> > dismissed it thinking it was overkill.  Is there a place to put
> > scripts in debian (aside from the locations lintian checks)
> > that we can use (maybe /var/lib/itl/bin/ or /usr/share/ or similar) ?
>  I think it is not that difficult to write a small manpage with the content
>  of ireminder.pl --help output in man way ;-)

It's not a question of difficult or easy - it just doesn't make sense to
have manpages for all simplistic scripts (more below).

> > Come to think of it, all the binaries ought to go to /var/lib/itl/bin
> > instead of the current /usr/bin - that seems to be what most pacakges
> > are doing anyways, no ?
>  No, itools is a tool which need the itl lib _not_ vice versa. All runable
>  programmes or scripts by the user should be in _/usr/bin_ and all runable
>  files should have a manpage.

A number of applications (like 'mailman' for instance) seem to create their
own tree (and bin/ dirs) under /var/lib and I thought we could do the same;
my bad.

With regard to the .pl script, can't we store it in any other location that
doesn't require a manpage ?  /usr/share/itl/ or .... ?  There are plenty of
scripts that I use on a daily basis (perl or python) that aren't in /usr/bin.

--- Thamer Mahmoud <thamer at newkuwait dot org> wrote:
> Ayman Negm writes:
> > AFAIK it does not required for Perl scripts to have .pl extension,
> > so without this .pl it make ireminder handy for the user ;)
> Nadim, is that OK with you?

I'd rather we don't - its there for a reason and its not mean to
look or function like a full-fledged application.  I just queried
my debian installation ('locate .pl') and ended-up with plenty of
'em in various directories most notably in /usr/share (none with
manpages either :-).  So I'd much rather we put all these supporting
scripts, etc (and there will be others) in /usr/share/itl/ if possible.


 - Nadim

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