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Re: ITL release

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 12:53:34AM +0300, Thamer Mahmoud wrote:
> Consider this as a bug report ;-)
> When I run ireminder I get: 
> ERROR - can't find ipraytime
> What I should get:
> ERROR - can't find ipraytime
> Usage: ireminder.pl [-ipraytime path]
>                     [-skip event_name]
>                     [-reminder minutes]
>                     [-inplace]
>                     [-help]
./ireminder.pl --help
Usage: ireminder.pl [-ipraytime path]
Is not ipraytime already in /usr/bin or in /usr/local/bin in case of
third party installation?

> It is best to let the user know that a --help argument does exist
> without the need for a manpage.
>  > I saw Thamer's request for a manpage, but dismissed it thinking it
>  > was overkill.  Is there a place to put scripts in debian (aside
>  > from the locations lintian checks) that we can use (maybe
>  > /var/lib/itl/bin/ or /usr/share/ or similar) ?
>  >
> There is at least one other /usr/bin/ script on my system with no
> manpage (fixmswrd.pl from the gs-common package).
well in case if fixmswrd.pl which is only one line off output, would be
not that worse ;), but you are free to file a bugreport aginst
gs-commons :)

ireminder.pl is a script which it should be used by the user, no?
if yes then it needs small manpage otherwise it needs manpage :)
Snip from Debian Develper Reference [1]

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-docs.html

<developer reference>
Each program, utility, and function should have an associated manual
page included in the same package. It is suggested that all
configuration files also have a manual page included as well. Manual
pages for protocols and other auxiliary things are optional.

If no manual page is available, this is considered as a bug and should
be reported to the Debian Bug Tracking System (the maintainer of the
package is allowed to write this bug report themselves, if they so
desire). Do not close the bug report until a proper man page is
</developer reference>

So I can upload it without the manpage an file a bugreport aginst it,
for the missing manpage :)


Ayman Negm
PGP-key: 0x63E8BE82
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