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Re: Discussing Hayder's Proposal here

Isam Bayazidi a *crit :

> I know that .. but niehter GPL, Mozilla,BSD, etc.. does prevent any country
> or list it ..

But the HPL does;) (Im' not sure Mozilla doesn't ban Iraq)

> and Hayder is an Iraqi who lives, and opening business in UK .. so there is
> no legal issue from is side ..

ok I stand corrected:) (that said, Iraq as well is banned from too many licenses
out there)

> after all it is his code, and he is free to
> license it as he like .. but I am saying that involving Arabeyes in such
> license would push us into a field that we tried hard to stay out of ..
> that's all

Staying out of controversies doesn't mean imposing a total apolicy, that's
impossible. We can very well decide that:
1) yes, we accept the license (refusing it because of the .il reference is
politics as well after all, I don't see such a refusal as less political in
2) no one will have the right to open his flocking mouth about it (this is what
we want to avoid, political controversies, possible answer e.g. you don't like
the license? make your own and even encourage exports to .il if you like it, we
could accept it according to our own independent decisions, decisions which we
are the only ones to have the right to discuss, *THAT* is staying out of
political controversies).