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Re: Discussing Hayder's Proposal here

Isam Bayazidi a *crit :

> On Wednesday 09 January 2002 17:27, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> > (snip) Re: advertizing stuff

Mentionning our sponsors is normal. I don't see anything wrong with it. A
project page seems perfect to me as well.

> > As far as I understand, anything he will put on our CVS will be GPL'ed _or_
> > HPL (Haydar Public License). As per my last conversation w/ him, the only
> > difference between the two is a clause (or a few) that say something to the
> > effect of no exports to .il, etc. Which, I have no issues w/ whatsoever.
> Again, Before going on, I guess that we should ask him to provide us with his
> HPL .. and I do not agree on such a license, and to involve Arabeyes in it
> would not be smart .. as far as I can recall Arabeyes stayed politics free,
> and it should .. I would personally use HPL software, but I would not host
> it, and sponsor it, and offer it in Arabeyes .. Lets stay away from such
> licenses that give a political stand ..

Isam, that's not politics. Please try to download anything from an American's
company site, and you'll see that they ban half our countries. Try Oracle,
Apple, Netscape, Microsoft, AOL, whoever you want. So Haydar has every right to
do it, especially that he's in Syria and 1) Syrian law may require it 2) in fact
the Arab league directives ask(ed?) us to do it 3) Syria is among the list of
countries that being a citizen of, having any relation with, being located in,
prevents you from legally using anything that you might download from too many
companies producing a couple of lines of code. We're the last people who have
any moral right to pressure him in any way against putting such a close. Ok,
granted, there's a bit of politics in this. But we're dealing with legal stuff
here, and that means law and sometimes, yes, policies, not coding or