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Discussing Hayder's Proposal here

	I suggest discussing his proposal here to lessen the time needed to look 
into it in our next meetins .. after all we want to Make those 3 hours 
meeting history :-)

>About what i have discussed with Mohammed, the peoples who are working 
>with me in Haydar Linux have said that it is OK to put our programs in 
>your cvs, but it should be in a separate directory 
>"/haydarlinux/program-name" and Haydar Linux be mentioned in your pages, 
>this is to make sure that no body is taking other persons work without 
>mention his name.

That's good enough ! when GNU host (mirror) any KDE programs, they put it 
under a kde/  folder to clarify and acknowledge.

The rest of his mail did contain a list of programs that we are interested 
in, and some that we don't .. that's not the issue .. what to discuss here is 
the licenses of those applications ..
I guess that we are not interested in His proprietary software, he could keep 
it to himself to play with and posses .. what we should know is what of those 
Apps would be open Source, and under what license..

That question need to be answered from is side before continuing this thing..
And we should agree on what licenses are acceptable for us ? would we agree 
on a Mozilla-like license ? what about an VIM-Like ? what about BSD ? there 
is several issues that we need to decide upon before continuing ..

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org