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Re: Discussing Hayder's Proposal here

On Wednesday 09 January 2002 17:27, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> Not really. It is fine about their location on CVS.. what is NOT okay is
> 'mentioning Haydar on our pages'.. I would like to have him define that
> more clearly. I am not going to advertise for Haydar. I will not make an
> exception to the rule that I set out when I first created the Arabeyes
> pages, which is simply, NO BANNERs, NO ADVERTISING, NO NO NO. We can setup
> a text link, and even have a project page for it. But, if he has a
> different understanding of that, then noway.

Well your suggestion of a project page ( with the same template) for the 
Hayder Projects seems to be valid .. and your feelings against advertisements 
are connect .. but again you know it is OUR call .. :-) 

> Most we are not ;) Who wants to write a painting program? I mean, COME ON!
> If hundreds already exist, and many are being translated (ie. have Arabic
> interface).. I don't see the point of most of hist list.

Well those that I found interesting :
* Arabic text rendering and hijry date library depends only on 
    standard C++ libraries.
* Notepad.
* Translating messages in /usr/share/locale/ar: this needs translating 
   many messages such as these in glibc-common.
* Arabizing OpenOffice "StarOffice": http://www.openoffice.org
* Arabic Xterm.
* EMACS Arabic support.

As for other programs, I guess that they would get better audience in 
Sourceforge, while the Arabic Related projects are better placed in Arabeyes 

Anther issue .. is that when hosting the Hayder projects in Arabeyes that may 
need an upgrade for the Arabeyes hardware and maybe connection .. what do you 
think Moe ? would that be necessary ? 

> As far as I understand, anything he will put on our CVS will be GPL'ed _or_
> HPL (Haydar Public License). As per my last conversation w/ him, the only
> difference between the two is a clause (or a few) that say something to the
> effect of no exports to .il, etc. Which, I have no issues w/ whatsoever.

Again, Before going on, I guess that we should ask him to provide us with his 
HPL .. and I do not agree on such a license, and to involve Arabeyes in it 
would not be smart .. as far as I can recall Arabeyes stayed politics free, 
and it should .. I would personally use HPL software, but I would not host 
it, and sponsor it, and offer it in Arabeyes .. Lets stay away from such 
licenses that give a political stand ..

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org