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Re: Discussing Hayder's Proposal here

On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 12:51:18PM +0200, Isam Bayazidi wrote:
> Salam..
> 	I suggest discussing his proposal here to lessen the time needed to look 
> into it in our next meetins .. after all we want to Make those 3 hours 
> meeting history :-)

Sure.. let's get some of it out of the way by mail first. Although, I will
tell you that the meeting's duration will be 1:30hours-2 MAX. After that, if
there are items we didn't get to, it will be postponed till next meeting. And
this is how we will do things in the future. This is how most meetings go

> That's good enough ! when GNU host (mirror) any KDE programs, they put it 
> under a kde/  folder to clarify and acknowledge.

Not really. It is fine about their location on CVS.. what is NOT okay is
'mentioning Haydar on our pages'.. I would like to have him define that more
clearly. I am not going to advertise for Haydar. I will not make an exception
to the rule that I set out when I first created the Arabeyes pages, which is
simply, NO BANNERs, NO ADVERTISING, NO NO NO. We can setup a text link, and
even have a project page for it. But, if he has a different understanding of
that, then noway.

> The rest of his mail did contain a list of programs that we are interested 
> in, and some that we don't .. that's not the issue .. what to discuss here is 

Most we are not ;) Who wants to write a painting program? I mean, COME ON! If
hundreds already exist, and many are being translated (ie. have Arabic
interface).. I don't see the point of most of hist list. 

> the licenses of those applications ..
> I guess that we are not interested in His proprietary software, he could keep 
> it to himself to play with and posses .. what we should know is what of those 
> Apps would be open Source, and under what license..

As far as I understand, anything he will put on our CVS will be GPL'ed _or_
HPL (Haydar Public License). As per my last conversation w/ him, the only
difference between the two is a clause (or a few) that say something to the
effect of no exports to .il, etc. Which, I have no issues w/ whatsoever.

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