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Re: Linux-Egypt Install Fest

Hello Guys:

sorry about my disappearing acts lately. I had some issues that I had to iron out. It could not wait nor be postponed. things are better but my online time will still be limited.

Here are some Arabbix news:

1. Arabbix 0.8.1 is scrapped. no need
2. GNOME 2.6 is in Arabbix now (hurray)
3. Putting some final touches on the language choice and will start testing pretty soonish.

That is all. I will post a URL for an ISO once I finish some testing. give me a couple of weeks.


Arafat Medini wrote:
We need to do something about Arabbix, gnome 2.6 is out, debian tools
are translated the big gnome/non-gnome apps too. my artworks are ready
and I'll make the remaining ones, decent fonts are also available... But
where is Anmar?


Am So, den 09.05.2004 um 1:55 Uhr +0000 schrieb Mohammed Sameer:

On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 05:43:12PM +0100, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:

On ??, 2004-05-08 at 18:49, Mohammed Sameer wrote:

This Is Late, But it's nadim's request.

At the 1st of may, We had our 1st install fest at Al sawy cultural
wheel from 10am to 5pm.

Excellent news. Good activity there.

* Arabbix but for those knowing that something called arabbix is
there and they want it! "anyone need an explanation why ??"

I think it will not be out of place. An experienced decision is almost always more informative than what we know.

arabbix still has problems, That's why i wanted to work with anmar to pop a new release that can be distributed. But this didn't happen anyway, We'll have another fest ISA in ales. in late june/early july, I hope arabbix'll be there.

cdrecord -eject -v -pad -dao driveropts=burnproof dev=0,0,0 speed=16 /path/to/iso.file

That's the one thing I am not able to memorize in linux cli;)

I hate writing reports, Feel free to ask questions, add comments.
point me to missing things and I'll complete this thing.

While I understand hating writing reports, the whole experience needs to be documented. It will be appropriate if people at Linux-Egypt make a good doc of the activity. If you do, please pass us a link. This is history in the making (I don't know if there is anything of that scale before, and of that type). We don't need to repeat all the failures at any other lug in the arab world.

sure. I'll CC alaa, maybe he can help. I'll also post the story @ foolab.org soon.

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