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Re: my shell commands giude is ready

--- Andrea Benazzo <dolphin at slacky dot it> wrote:
> finally my compact shell-commands guide is finished and available
> on my site:
>   http://www.thephoenix.altervista.org
> if anyone could translate it into Arabic, I'd be extremely happy.
> and, as it's been done, if it could be linked to the site arabeyes.org,
> I'd feel useful to you at last!!! :-P

I believe you meant,


right ?

Actually if/when its translated it will be something that would be nice
to host in our documentation section along with the english original given
you are OK with that (the format might need to change, but I meant content
for now).  I'll talk to the other to see how to proceed.

BTW: feel free to include other commands.


 - Nadim

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