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Re: Distros project - MAPS 0.3 is out

 --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote: 
> The version online is still 0.21 (the script awaits youcef's return :-)

You mean the new version is where SAIS already is?

> What I would like to push forth now is an mdk-SAIS to give to mandrake
> developers and distro makers to tell them what it is they need to do to
> fix all their Arabic-related problems.  To be more precise, we need to
> give them the SAIS document once its completed (when ?) and a complementary
> mdk_SAIS that mentions bugs/issues specific to mandrake.  MAPS could most
> certainly be mentioned in the mdk_SAIS doc for mandrake to peruse to get
> the user's perspective on things.

I needed the SAIS document to be published immediately for comment. If there
are any issues I can update, the sooner the better.


Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems

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