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Re: Bounty offer, for Pango's characters composing

 --- Ossama Khayat <okhayat at yahoo dot com> wrote: 
> It's been awhile since Pango had added Arabic language
> support to its
> exceptional portfolio, yet.... problems persist with 
> diacritics/composing
> characters (harakat) resulting in non-shaped broken
> words (a __very__ 
> unacceptable problem).
> I, along with all of Arabeyes' members, would really
> like to see this
> problem solved sooner rather than later.  Since I'm
> personally not
> knowledgable enough nor possess the required skills to
> solve it on my
> own, have decided to step forward and offer a bounty
> for a complete 
> fix.
> The rules for this bounty are as follows:
>   - If the problem is solved by December 25, 2003,you
> will get US$500
>   - If the problem is solved by January 31, 2004, you
> will get US$250
> NOTE: "problem is solved" means mailing out a
> patch/fix to myself and
>       Pango's maintainer.
> The bounty will only be paid once Pango's maintainer
> (Mr. Owen Taylor)
> either includes the changes or certifies the fix as
> acceptable a month
> after the deadlines noted above (ie. Jan 31 and Feb
> 29, 2004 
> respectively).
> It is envisioned that the creator of the patch/fix is
> also expected to
> lobby for its inclusion and acceptance in order to
> abide by the dates
> outlined.
> Best of luck to the _hero_ that is willing to take on
> this work and
> great challenge, I view this as the minimal most thing
> that I can do
> to offer something back to this great community.
> Good Luck :)
> Ossama Khayat
> Memeber of Arabeyes.org
> P.S. Please spread it as much as you can, unless
> you're the one who _WILL_ do it :)
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Yes, we really need that.

I don't have the skills required. But I urge the one(s) who have to step

I am adding a US$100 for the one who solves the problem by December 25, 2003.
Or a US$50 for the solution by January 31, 2004.
"Solved" is as defined by Ossama Khayat. I need not see the patch.

Muhammad Alkarouri
MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems

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