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Bounty offer, for Pango's characters composing

It's been awhile since Pango had added Arabic language
support to its
exceptional portfolio, yet.... problems persist with 
characters (harakat) resulting in non-shaped broken
words (a __very__ 
unacceptable problem).

I, along with all of Arabeyes' members, would really
like to see this
problem solved sooner rather than later.  Since I'm
personally not
knowledgable enough nor possess the required skills to
solve it on my
own, have decided to step forward and offer a bounty
for a complete 

The rules for this bounty are as follows:
  - If the problem is solved by December 25, 2003,you
will get US$500
  - If the problem is solved by January 31, 2004, you
will get US$250

NOTE: "problem is solved" means mailing out a
patch/fix to myself and
      Pango's maintainer.

The bounty will only be paid once Pango's maintainer
(Mr. Owen Taylor)
either includes the changes or certifies the fix as
acceptable a month
after the deadlines noted above (ie. Jan 31 and Feb
29, 2004 
It is envisioned that the creator of the patch/fix is
also expected to
lobby for its inclusion and acceptance in order to
abide by the dates

Best of luck to the _hero_ that is willing to take on
this work and
great challenge, I view this as the minimal most thing
that I can do
to offer something back to this great community.

Good Luck :)

Ossama Khayat
Memeber of Arabeyes.org

P.S. Please spread it as much as you can, unless
you're the one who _WILL_ do it :)

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