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Re: Distros project - MAPS 0.3 is out

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> This is to announce the availability of revision 0.3 of MAPS or let me say
> the developer-oriented version of MAPS.
> Should be here 
> http://www.arabeyes.org/download/documents/distro/mdkarabicsupport.html
> Nadim, I am not sure whether you will find it positive or negative changes.
> I will be happy to accept any comments from you, karouri and others and will
> do my best to follow them. I know your concern is mainly in SAIS and I think 
> that the real birthday of SAIS is the day when xAPS is shot to death!

The version online is still 0.21 (the script awaits youcef's return :-)
but I trust your description :-)  Munzir and Elzubeir I really think we
need to add "Intended Audience" as section 1.2.2 and move current 1.2.2
to 1.2.3 (in the template as well).  The audience for this document, as
stated earlier, is most certainly the users.

What I would like to push forth now is an mdk-SAIS to give to mandrake
developers and distro makers to tell them what it is they need to do to
fix all their Arabic-related problems.  To be more precise, we need to
give them the SAIS document once its completed (when ?) and a complementary
mdk_SAIS that mentions bugs/issues specific to mandrake.  MAPS could most
certainly be mentioned in the mdk_SAIS doc for mandrake to peruse to get
the user's perspective on things.

Thoughts ?


 - Nadim

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