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Re: Distros project - MAPS 0.3 is out

Log Message:
*Revision 0.3 is out:
 -removed the apps list (SAIS should contain something similar)
 -more organization
 -more bugs and  issues
 -developer oriented only
 -some bugs updates
hope you won't just skip over it ;)

This is to announce the availability of revision 0.3 of MAPS or let me say the 
developer-oriented version of MAPS.


Where can I find it?

Should be here 
but it seems the script that updates doesn't work properly!!
I release revision 0.22 and now 0.3 on cvs and still the page shows 0.21 :(
For now, it's on cvs

Is the MAPS specific to Mandrake?

Most of the MAPS is not specific to Mandrake tools but to GNU software in 

Why is it called like this then?

Because I am testing and reporting bugs to Mandrake bugzilla. Feel free to 
Debianize it and call it DAPS or Fedorize it and you have FAPS.

What's next?

Resolving the issues mentioned as soon as possible.


- Reporting these bugs to their own bugzilla sites. Example a bug in X should 
go to XFree.org bugzilla not to Mandrake.
- Reporting these bugs to other distros as another way of TAKREEH ;)
- Reporting these bugs the author if all else fails.


KDE team is very responsive to bug reporting. My experience with #kde-devel 
tells me a lot about their professionalism and responsiveness. Some issues 
didn't find its way to MAPS because it's already fixed in CVS.

A message?

Nadim, I am not sure whether you will find it positive or negative changes. I 
will be happy to accept any comments from you, karouri and others and will do 
my best to follow them. I know your concern is mainly in SAIS and I think 
that the real birthday of SAIS is the day when xAPS is shot to death!

Happy reading ;)

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