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Re: www.linux4sudan .org support for arab eyes

--- mojtaba at linux4sudan dot org wrote:
> as Arabian Linux Community we join arabeyes groub
> our linux4sudan team is going to make agroup of about 6 ppl
> that can make some changes or ( some type of support to arabeyez project
> -------------------------------
> All the Graphics,Photos  will be uploaded to
> www.linux4sudan.org/project

Great, do please make sure to talk to the owners of the projects
about their thought.  Also keep in mind that all logos need to be
75x75 pixels in PNG or SVG format.

> sorry there will not be interface for Secret stuff

No need for secrecy :-)

> ------------------------------
> Our Designers Begin making some logos for Some projects
> as
> Duali
> FreeBSD

Great, but I do believe the ITL project needs a bit more Islamic
flavor to it (again, note irw.org's logo).  I'm sure Ahmad.T (the
project's leader) has some thoughts and suggestions.

> you can review it now
> -----------------------------
> Hope we r  on the right way

This is great, keep at it and do let us know anytime there is a
new addition.  I had tried to put this page together awhile back
(for Akka) to give people something to talk about - the page is
rather dated and is no longer is active use, see if it's something
you'd like to mimic.


Salam & keep up the great work !!

 - Nadim

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