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Re: Distros project

--- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
>  --- Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> --- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk>
> > 
> > In the distros CVS we currently have,
> > 
> >  TODO.sgml              ; this is Great, do please update
> >  apps.sgml              ; this is a list of apps we want ?
> >  las.sgml               ; will be renamed to sais.sgml
> Agreed.

OK, las.sgml is now known as sais.sgml (Elzubeir, thanks).

> >  arabicsupport.sgml     ; Generic howto,  right ?
> Yes. Just it needs to evolve a little later than other
> docs. To factor out the similarities among distros
> howtos.
> >  mdkarabicsupport.sgml  ; Mandrake howto, right ? rename ?
> >  rharabicsupport.sgml   ; Redhat howto,   right ? rename ?
> >                           Redhat to be Fedora ?
> Yes. They called it Fedora not Redhat, and we are
> going to support that.

>From what I saw (and from my comments in this thread) the 'mdk'
document (and subsequently all the others similar to it) ought
to probably be renamed to mdk_arabichowto.sgml

> > BTW: we have a committed Mandrake inspector (Munzir), do
> >      we still have you as a Fedora inspector ?  Are there
> >      any out there interested in doing this for Debian ?
> Now that SAIS has started its life, I have already
> started (slowly) to check Fedora. So, short answer is
> yes. I am a Fedora inspector. Expect the Fedora
> document to be ready by the end of December.

Great.  I talked to Mr. Ayman Negm on IRC (he's the only Arab
Debian Developer (DD for short) - one out of 5,000 developers -
we really need to spruce this number up a bit) about helping
out in this effort.  From our brief talk, things sound very
encouraging although he was not very aware of the project's
goals and aspirations (ie. why have it and do it, etc).  So
if any that are familiar with the 'distros' project are on
IRC and you encounter 'Xsnack' do please fill him in on the
details.  We also need the 'distros' project page to be very
clear and crisp about the goals and plans of the sub-project.

In passing, we really need more people looking to become DDs.
The process is a bit involved, I'm just mentioning it here so
that others (like Mr. A.Medini and M.Sameer, etc) start looking
seriously into it.


 - Nadim

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