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Re: Akka Open Issues & Todos

--- Muhammad Alkarouri <malkarouri at yahoo dot co dot uk> wrote:
> I found a working A: drive. So,
> I am supplying a patch at
> http://www.geocities.com/malkarouri/newakka.tar.gz

Muhammad, I'll be mailing you and CC'ing Elzubeir and Samy
the 'farsi' code that I found on my drive (it took awhile
to find it, plus I've been battling that nasty cold that
Elzubeir passed to me ;-).  I'm sure this is old (dated
approx Aug 2002), the idea here is to,

 1. Look at the code to see what it does versus what Akka is
    doing; by all accounts the farsi code is far better written
    and structured.
 2. Use Farsi (along with some of the modifications noted from
    Elzubeir and Samy - I know they talked about some) and
    release a slightly modified version of farsi as Akka 2.0

I'm CC'ing this email to Behdad in hopes of him replying to see
how best to proceed down this path (if anything we should simply
be supplying patches to his project and helping him release it so
we can mirror) and in order to resolve this Akka issue once-in-for-all.

Tar file to come in a separate email.


 - Nadim

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