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Re: KPrayertime

On Thursday 27 November 2003 20:17, abdulhaq wrote:
> assalaamu `alaykum

wa alikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu wa magfiratu

> > You need to change the Group to show
> > Group: Sciences/Other
> > Note: Groups should be extracted from
> > /usr/share/doc/rpm-4.2/GROUPS
> > for Mandrake at least, (Redhat has different Groups BTW)
> mm, I couldn't find an appropriate category, is this the best in your
> opinion? Do you know an appropriate Red hat category?

This is not something arbitrary choosen. You have to restrict yourself to the 
Groups in the GROUPS file (locate GROUPS in your redhat since I don't have 
access to one). In Mandrake the best I can think of is:

the latter is better, isn't it?

> > I also face these errors while trying to buil from source:
> > mkdir -p -- /usr/local/kde/share/doc/HTML/en/kprayertime
> > mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/local/kde': Permission denied
> > make[3]: *** [install-nls] Error 1
> > make[3]: Leaving directory
> > `/home/munzir/rpm/BUILD/kprayertime-0.99/doc/en' make[2]: ***
> > [install-am] Error 2
> >
> > May be because you have written
> > ac_default_prefix=${KDEDIR:-/usr/local/kde
> > in your config file.
> mm, any suggestions what I should write? Or just take it out altogether?

I don't know. It seems as if you needed to define a prefix somewhere. Can 
anyone help here? Muhammad Sameer? Karouri?...?
The question is: rpm -ba kprayertime.spec should run without root permissions 
but when run gives this error:
mkdir -p -- /usr/local/kde/share/doc/HTML/en/kprayertime
mkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/local/kde': Permission denied
make[3]: *** [install-nls] Error 1

> > Regarding the time, today is 27 November in Saudi Arabia Ishaa prayer at
> > 18:34 according to the official notes whereas kprayertime shows 19:07
> > just as an example, any comments here?
> Did you set the location to the correct lat/long? 

No, wait :0 ... yep. This is the first time I configure an applet. Now, 
everything is OK with +/- 1minute as you pointed out.
/* We need l10n code to check for the locale (country and city) automatically, 
I don't think it's difficult with things like klocale */

* You need to add the USAGE file to the spec file so others will now about 
this lat/long issue.

* Is kprayertime-0.99/doc/en/index.cache file meaningful?!

* Configure KPrayerTime dialog box when open prevent me from clicking the 
Taskbar, K menu, ...

* Configure KPrayerTime dialog box has some text which is cut. e.g. the 'y' in 
'Next Time Only' and the base (bottom edge) of Arabic Numerals.

* Sometime you refer to the program as KPrayTime as in the USAGE and README 
files whereas the program is called KPrayerTime!

* kprayertime-0.99/doc/en/index.docbook
has an XML parsing error besides

* kprayertime-0.99/doc/en is not stated in the spec file and hence doesn't 
find its way to the documentation folder upon installation. Needs some 
cleaning also.

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