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your nice urdu nastaliq font

Salaam Sirs,
Eid Mubarak
We at arabeys.org come across your nice font, Urdu Nastaliq Unicode, and we 
want to add it the Khotot project and make use of it in many things including 
a Holy Quran software. We found that the font is missing some characters in 
the Arabic/Urdu Script, e.g. ALEF WITH HAMZA ABOVE (U+0623), YEH (U+064A), 
TEH MARBUTA (U+0629), ALEF MAKSURA (U+649), ... 

We will be happy if you can implement the missing characters with your nice 
nastaliq style.

Another point is do you know of any Koran text that is written in Urdu and 
available in a digital form. If yes, provide us with info about it and 
whether it's authenticated by any recognized entity.

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