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Re: Preset

On Tuesday 12 September 2006 15:35, Mohamed Magdy wrote:
> Is it good to translate it into 3 words?
> محدد من قبل
> By the way .. I tried to translate as khaled suggested(using the imperative
> form of the word) .. which way is better ?
> Mute --> اصمت
> Unmute --> لا تصمت
> Mute--> صامت
> Unmute--> غير صامت
> What do you think?

I prefer not using the imperative form because it sounds harsh. The Masdar 
form is polite and neutral. Moreover, the user can be a girl/woman, and اكتب 
may sound very bad for her compared with اكتبي, while كتابة is neutral.

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