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Re: Preset

Good point .. only applies if it is a command from the computer to the user ... may be we can the imperative for the commands from the user to the computer ... and stick with the masder with the commands from the computer to the user ...
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That's the first time I see this .... sorry if I violated anything .. can you point me to what disrespectful attitude I have committed?

Youssef Chahibi <chahibi at gmail dot com> wrote:
On Tuesday 12 September 2006 15:35, Mohamed Magdy wrote:
> Is it good to translate it into 3 words?
> محدد من قبل
> By the way .. I tried to translate as khaled suggested(using the imperative
> form of the word) .. which way is better ?
> Mute --> اصمت
> Unmute --> لا تصمت
> Mute--> صامت
> Unmute--> غير صامت
> What do you think?

I prefer not using the imperative form because it sounds harsh. The Masdar
form is polite and neutral. Moreover, the user can be a girl/woman, and اكتب
may sound very bad for her compared with اكتبي, while كتابة is neutral.

Please respect
conducts related to mailing lists?
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