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Re: لجميع أعضاء عربايز For all members of Arabeyes


_If_ (and only if) you are serious about arabizing the website, we can
continue the discussion on the 'admin' list (list concerning the
server and website etc).

Do NOT email me in private as I am subscribed to all Arabeyes mailing
lists. I did not answer before as this seemed anything but a
discussion related to the website arabization.

About CVS: as it is clearly stated in all the docs you should have
read by now, you get an account only when the coordinator of the
project you are contributing to (KDE, GNOME, etc) says so. ie He/She
reviewed your work for some time and decides you can now work on your

Last thing: in the future, do not cross-post a thread on different
mailing lists. If, for a reason, a thread could be relevant to 2
mailing list. Post it first on the mailing list with the most
relevance and post a URL to it on the second mailing list.

Simple enough: discuss translation on 'doc' and general issues on
'general'. Website translation is discussed on 'admin' (everybody
interested by the server is welcome to join) as this issue it is a
strictly internal (arabeyes) administrative issue has nothing to do
with the rest.


Youcef Rahal