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Re: لجميع أعضاء عربايز For all members of Arabeyes

On Sun, Sep 10, 2006 at 07:49:48AM -0700, Mohamed Magdy wrote:
> اما بالنسبه لصعوبة التعامل مع موقع> 
> عربايز فانا اتفق معك و قد اعلنت هذا مرارا>
> الحل الوحيد عندى هو مخطط قديم لم اعلنه <
> من قبل الا وهو نقل الموقع الى نظام ادارة <
> محتوى<
> مثل< Drupal "كون هذا هو افضلهم من وجهة نظرى" 
> كما ان نسبة تعريبه جيده>
>  Personally I don't see a difficulty or a problem with arabeyes website as
>  long as it provides a way for us to communicate and organize our work ....
>  I won't mind if arabeyes.org uses a cms...
>  About the cms software... there are others which are considered as top of
>  the line .. we can use Drupal or Xoops or Joomla or phpWebSite .. they are
>  all good except for Drupal which excels them by the presence of Arabic ...

Your opinion and my opinion don't really count here. If other people are saying
that it's hard (Especially when it's not only one) then there's really something
What I'd be interested in is knowing what is hard, where are the hard parts.

All the best,

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