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Gnome & OpenOffice.org translation projects' errors

I asked nadim yesterday to regenerate the
common_terms.po file, as there is much change since
our last QAC meeting.
Anyway, because of TOO MUCH errors in the validation
of different files (*.po) the openning of the
common_terms.po by a PO editor is not possible.

These erorrs come mainly from two projects:
1. OpenOffice (http://www.al-daleel.org/OOo.err.txt)
2. Gnome (http://www.al-daleel.org/gnome.err.txt)
I didn't report .pot files, because they are not
included in the generation of the common terms file,
are they?

So, Medini and Anmar, could _please_ check and fix
those errors ASAP?
This is very important, so I (and other QAC members,
or volunteers) be able to start looking at the
translation quality and possibly move towards a better
technical terms list.


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