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Re: Gnome & OpenOffice.org translation projects' errors

I know you'll be angry but now I can't. I was bagging for some work on
the common terms file the last weeks, but no one replied on two mails I
sent regarding this subject.
For instance (as you know) I am very busy and going through every single
file will be time consuming. You have to wait till the middle of next
month maybe.

Am Mi, den 31.03.2004 schrieb Ossama Khayat um 12:47:
> Salam,
> I asked nadim yesterday to regenerate the
> common_terms.po file, as there is much change since
> our last QAC meeting.
> Anyway, because of TOO MUCH errors in the validation
> of different files (*.po) the openning of the
> common_terms.po by a PO editor is not possible.
> These erorrs come mainly from two projects:
> 1. OpenOffice (http://www.al-daleel.org/OOo.err.txt)
> 2. Gnome (http://www.al-daleel.org/gnome.err.txt)
> I didn't report .pot files, because they are not
> included in the generation of the common terms file,
> are they?
> So, Medini and Anmar, could _please_ check and fix
> those errors ASAP?
> This is very important, so I (and other QAC members,
> or volunteers) be able to start looking at the
> translation quality and possibly move towards a better
> technical terms list.
> Ossama
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