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Re: Debian installer work

--- Anmar Oueja <anmar at canada dot com> wrote:
> Hello Ossama:
> I talked to a guy who hacked into the Debian
> installer and supposedly, 
> BIDI is done (shaping will get done very soon) so I
> was wondering if I 
> can get you to start working again on the installer
> localization 
> files.Once I am able to test it and  see if it works
> fine.

Yeah, I heard something about that on IRC some while
ago. Hope it gets completed.

> There is a second phase that needs translation and
> it is alot of work 
> (have not decided to go with it cause we don't know
> if it works now or not)
> Please let me know your preference so I can plan.

Oh, I wish I could help ;-)

Hehe.. Just kidding. Ofcourse, I'm watching CVS
changes waiting for any new stuff to start working on
It's actually "MINE" B-)


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