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Re: More slamming of word over-loading

On Yaum al-Khamees 25 Jumaada al-Thaani 1425 15:56, Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj wrote:
> Salam,
> This is just a passing-by example. I've always been trying to convince
> everybody that there is something inherently bad about word overloading
> in translations. I'm not saying it should never be done but I'm saying
> its not a good thing.
> The following string:
> "Voice-quality audio"
> left me flabbergasted, as we use the word "صوت" (sawt) for both
> voice and audio. :)

What about "Voice-quality audio sound card" then? ;)

Also, thanks a lot for the example that would really determine the limitation 
of avoiding overlapping whatsoever ;)

Abdulaziz, are you asking for a help in this specific translation or you want 
to prove that we should have distinct translations for each word?!

I could help in the translation if you like but I believe we shouldn't change 
the translation of voice, audio and sound to refer to distinct arabic words 
for the sake of avoiding overlapping and let ourselves fall in more sever 
problems of using a not-so-accurate and not-so-common translations. I waited 
for some time to hear your suggestions regarding how do you want to translate 
them. But since nothing came along, I just want to remind you of the basic 
examples we have met across a lot during our translation, try to appy your 
new suggestions to them and post here so we can discuss them.

sound: velocity of sound, sound card, 3D sound, ...
audio: audio connectors, audio books, ...
voice: voice mail, voice coil, voice of law, human voice, ...

huh! I lost my voice!

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