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Re: More slamming of word over-loading

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> Abdulaziz, are you asking for a help in this specific translation or
> you want 
> to prove that we should have distinct translations for each word?!

Nope, not asking for help. Just trying to prove a point, especially to
those who dared to disagree with me in the past about this *sideway
squint at Youcef* ;D

>I waited 
> for some time to hear your suggestions regarding how do you want to
> translate 
> them. But since nothing came along, I just want to remind you of the
> basic 
> examples we have met across a lot during our translation, try to appy
> your 
> new suggestions to them and post here so we can discuss them.

Confusion. Not sure I understand what your talking about here. You were
waiting to hear my suggestions regarding what? I honestly don't
remember you asking me for any suggestions. Could you remind me? (I'm
sorry but I've just been busy lately and I happen to have a Tefal
memory. Nothing sticks).
> sound: velocity of sound, sound card, 3D sound, ...
> audio: audio connectors, audio books, ...
> voice: voice mail, voice coil, voice of law, human voice, ...

All the above mean Sawt to me, and if I encountered them in single
context-free strings I would translate them as such. But when they
occur together, its confusing. Mind you, even though Sawt can mean
human voice, sound, or audio, there probably IS a more obscure Arabic
word that means Voice and ONLY voice (the word حس comes to mind) and
another one that means only sound and so on. We can resort to using
these obscure words in such emergencies as the horrific nightmare of a
string you quoted in your message ;)


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