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Re: أول ترجمة لي +خلاصات

i3dad can be a nown or a masdar, we use it as the second case.
The problem is far more complicated when going into the tasrif
of every verb. That's why we take from the nowns the english verbs and
try to find matchings in the dictionary, then we try to get the masdard
or a nown for these verbs, in many cases the fa3il, and the other forms
of tasrif for the verbs.That's very generic but it's the most direct and
best way to make the work from ground-up. Still if an online dictionary
gives me that translation for any word I'll use it anyway, that's one
thing the other is that I, when I came, found this to be the standard
it's not me who opted for ta3yin as a translation for setting, or i3dad
for configuratoin but I think it's the right words indeed.
to configure means generally to prepare something, to work on something
existing.Gnome dic gives me a very nice explanation (and it's the MIT
server btw...):
Configure Con*fig"ure, v. t. imp. & p. p. Configured; p.
   pr. & vb. n. Configuring. L. configurare: cf. F.
   configurer. See Configurate.
   To arrange or dispose in a certain form, figure, or shape.
so for me it's clearly إعداد تهيئة but haya'a has the under-meaning of

to configure = عد يعد إعدادا

2: (informal) the way something is organized or arranged; "it
        takes time to learn the setup around here"
Here you see very clear the difference, where configure is for the Act
of arranging and to setup is they way of arranging it's totally
different indeed. and ta3yin is on my opinion perfectly suited i3dad
does not give me the way how something is ordered.
setting in this case is meant to be a known for the verb to setup,
the meaning comes down to he setted-up something which is understood to
be a setting in Arabic = عين يعين تعيينا it is indeed as you said the
masdar of to set...So we are correct.

Another problematic you pointed to is the Microsoft website, we think
that the microsoft translators did bad translations, that's why we don't
look at the work done by Microsoft. I don't know where the posting is
but last year we had a nice discussion about this.
Still I am not here to say what you're saying is completely wrong it can
be that I am wrong, that's why I advice you to ask the whole Arabeyes
ppl about these words.
But for me it is still clear that ta3yin is best suited for setting and
i3dad for configuration, I for myself don't see any better word.
But I'll try my best to give you more grammar based explanations of my
views, so that you can see what I mean and why I mean it like this.

Am Son, 2003-09-07 um 00.15 schrieb hafid71 at gawab dot com:
> تقصد setting عندما تكون في صيغة present participle وليس كإسم.
> عبارة "تعيين" في الأصل لديها عدة مقابلات إنجليزية [رئيسيّة وعرضيّة]:
> assign - set - specify - map - set up
> أما setting كإسم فترجمتها هي إعداد وهذه الترجمة استعملت كذلك في ترجمة لإحدى
> الملفات في مشروع GNOME ويمكنك أيضا التأكد من خلال ملفات MSDN الخاصة بـ
> Microsoft وفي الكثير من المواقع التقنية العربية.
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