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Re: أول ترجمة لي + خلاصات

Salam Hafid,

First of all good work
But... When translating the files and indeed because of concistency
issues we can only use your database as a help for our work, we will not
use it as a principal resource for work because of many issues: first of
all we also invested years of research to attaign a good translation
level, we have very good equivalents for our DEs. Second I invested
alone more then one year to make the translations consistent, and as we
have a very good translation level, this is a very good base to work on.
This makes me return to the beginning, we can use your work as a Help
like any other online dictionary or even more, because of the technical
words which in many cases will be helpful but we will not use it as a
principal resource if a translator wants to use it then ok else no, it's
his decision.
And this implies with it something very important if you finde a word
like configuration for eg. which you translated differently then our
word which is "i3dadat" this can't be accepted as in KDE and GNOME and
in the whole pos this word is defined like that. So in this cases you
can't use you work as we have ours.
But I mean I am here to show this to you. So no problem but be very
careful as many words are predefined only if you really think I HAVE to
change this so at that time we can discuss if it is necessary to change
or no.

We as Desktop translators, have to consider that the words and the
grammatical structure have to comply with what the user understands and
awaits, so short and precise grammar is very important. But also
accurate words. That's why you have, when translating, to keep a close
eye on the grammar you use. I made some corrections which will help you

I'll answer your other Qs later.


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