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Re: discussing in detail my position and my problems with wordlist.po

On Sun, Nov 16, 2003 at 12:38:51PM +0100, Arafat Medini wrote:

> [..]


You are contradicting yourself. You say wordlists are not the right way,
then you say it is not ready yet.. then you say.. I'm not sure what you
are trying to say.

I am not saying that the wordlist should be used throughout the entire
translation process. No, I am saying for _technical_ reference.
Technical terminology will be standardized. The wordlist will be a
vehicle to deliver this standard in an easy to query fashion. If you
have objections to certain items then you bring it up for discussion
(like you are doing now and have done in the past) and it is resolved.

But to suggest that once we have an agreeable _technical_ wordlist, we
would not use it makes no sense to me. Using it is not going to be as an
"added-value".. it will have to be mandatory to stick with a standard
terminology. For example, if a computer is translated to "hasoob" then
it will be "hasoob" throughout every single translated file that comes
out of Arabeyes.. if it is transliterated then it would be
transliterated throughtout... etc. etc.

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