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preliminary plan

Hi all,

This is my preliminary plan which for sure needs further discussion.
Have a good base is very important, we are heading towards releases
beyond 2.4, gnome is beginning to become really mature, we can't rely
anymore on alpha and beta strings with grammar similar to what foreign
arabic language students use in their first year...

So my plan is fairly simple: clean-up and ONLY work on 2.6

With 2.6.1 coming out I want to have a solid "string base" which is
REALLY consistent, clean and professional. Different from Windows, and
very innovative. Simple and clean that's what I like most.
This means Arabbix will have to wait till 2.6 comes and it will rely on
2.2 code. Bad I know BUT gnome for eg. had to wait nearly one more year
till gtk got the jump to 2.0 so that the ppl could work on gnome 2.0
which resulted in a delay in 2 years.

And rewrite is the most important thing now in the lifecycle of the
gnome arabization project I think. To make it up to date, fresh and a
good base for further big work, namely Arabbix  with maybe Evo at some
time or RH or Novell distros entering the Arabic market.

Give me your thoughts, what do you think about this? I'll be open for
any suggestion.

Arafat Medini