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Re: Salam and aid from a new member

--- Djalel Chefrour wrote:
[snip snip]
> Actually I can't  submit my translation propositions to QaMoose because
> I can't write utf-8 arabic text in Web Forms. If any one have a trick
> to bypass this limit I'll apriciate .
> Also have a suggsetion to QaMoose Developers : What about offering a
> virtual Arabic Keyboard in QaMoose web page to assist those who, like
> me,  can't write arabic text.  A Java applet like the one used in
> www.al-islam.com might be very useful.

I've added and took note of your suggestion regarding QaMoose (no
promises though).

I believe those unable to write Arabic resort to cut-n-paste.

 - Nadim

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