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KDE translation test and try, right on time

Salam ..
	I had been enjoying the changes we do in the KDE translation, and using it 
right on time ..
it is quite simple .. for example when we fixed the kdelibs.po I did the 
following :
# msgfmt -o kdelibs.mo kdelibs.po
# su -c 'cp kdelibs.mo /opt/kde3/share/locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/'

ofourse the KDE 3 I have is in /opt/kde3 .. and you have to put the path that 
fits your install ..
the mo files changes are reflected directly on the kde Arabic interface .. and 
I see it as the best way to test the interface in real life .. after all we 
get to see where does the messages that we write appear :-)

PS: You need to have KDE3 to do this, and ofcourse kde-i18n-ar package ..

Take Care..
Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org