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Re: libquran configuration and compilation errors + patch

--- nabil ben khalifa <nabil_benkhalifa at yahoo dot fr> wrote:
> When I tried to configure libquran got from arabeyes cvs, I had
> the following error: 
> configure: error: "libspeex header not found"
> In fact, configure looks for speex headers in /usr/include/ while
> they are in /usr/include/speex. The same problem arises with quran.h
> and quranaudio.c when compiling. (I use Mandriva release 2007.0
> (Official) for i586 and 
> Moreover, it seems that the "le_short" function is no more exported
> by the speex library (I got the following error:  
> quran/libquran/.libs/libquran.so: undefined reference to `le_short'  
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status )
> I have a patch to resolve these problems, are there any developers of the
> quran project so that they can look at the patch and discuss these
> problems ?   

A couple of comments -

 1. M.Yousif the projects' initiator and maintainer doesn't seem like
    he's planning on showing-up anytime soon (my private emails to him
    have gone unanswered for far too long) and there has been ALOT of
    interest so we'll be officially looking for a new maintainer (expect
    an email regarding that in a few minutes).

 2. It would be a _very_ wise idea to not only test this on Mandriva but
    also say on Fedora, Debian, etc to make sure you have an all-encompassing
    solution.  I'd tend to guess that what you have in your patch won't
    work for debian, et al.  You can either study other people's code
    to see how they addressed finding out where certain libraries are
    installed and/or VMWARE install all these OSes to play with 'em.

> I had also errors on gnomequran due to incompatibilities between the
> gnomequran application and the libquran data structures. Here also I have a
> patch which solves these problems (I will send it if someone is interested)

Feel free to mail these or upload them somewhere but as noted I think the
first cause of business here now is to find a new project maintainer that
will look into and appropriately address such issues (given that M.Yousif
is now officially "MIA" and gone).


 - Nadim

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