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Re: libquran configuration and compilation errors + patch

On Wednesday 18 July 2007 20:01, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
>  2. It would be a _very_ wise idea to not only test this on Mandriva but
>     also say on Fedora, Debian, etc to make sure you have an
> all-encompassing solution.  I'd tend to guess that what you have in your
> patch won't work for debian, et al.  You can either study other people's
> code to see how they addressed finding out where certain libraries are
> installed and/or VMWARE install all these OSes to play with 'em.
I've tryed libquran a while ago, and that's exactly what I changed to get it 
compile on Debian. So your guess is wrong ;-)
> > I had also errors on gnomequran due to incompatibilities between the
> > gnomequran application and the libquran data structures. Here also I have
> > a patch which solves these problems (I will send it if someone is
> > interested)
But I've never got gnome quran to compile :-( and that's why I've given up.