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Quran project maintainer

The Quran sub-project [1] was initiated and maintained by M.Yousif [2]
who seems to have vanished without a trace - all subsequent inquires
to contact him have been futile as such we're not officially looking
for a new maintainer for this __very__ important project.

The Quran project has generated ALOT of interest (I'd venture to say
that its the most popular inquiry subject within arabeyes) and as such
there have been a number of people looking to help and contribute which
is great but we very much are lacking a central figure that will manage
and maintain this effort - a project maintainer/owner.

Candidates interested in this position (do please reply to this
'developer' mailing-list as we're hoping this won't drag on too long)
will be responsible for the entire Quran sub-project and will have to
interface and dictate what needs to happen and what the project's roadmap,
etc should be.  The candidate will also need to interface with various
other Quranic projects out there (be it web projects or applications)
to see how best to unify efforts (if possible).  The candidate will
also need to seriously look and study the missing Quranic glyphs within
Unicode.org in order for us to come-up with a proper encoded dataset that
will last the test of time.  Communication skills, open-mindedness, etc
are a given :-)

Any takers ?

[1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Quran
[2] http://www.arabeyes.org/people.php?username=yousif


 - Nadim

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