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Re: Fw:obuntu & arabic fonts

On Wed, Jul 18, 2007 at 04:01:41PM +0800, Meor Ridzuan Meor Yahaya wrote:
> Khaled,
> I don't think we have discussed before. I'm glad to see someone is
> working on font development.
> FYI, i have developed a Quran font that have complete symbol to render
> the Madinah Mushaf. You can find it at arabicfonts.wikisapces.com.
Your fonts is really a great achievement, I'd like to discuss with you
the possibilities of releasing it under a free license, OFL may be, and
distributing it with our font collection.

> As for the issues of small size display, I have a different opinion.
> In my opinion, hinting may not be the best solution. Instead, you may
> want to try embedding bitmap into the font. I have done this. You can
> see my font (modified from kacst) at
> http://mrykacstqurn.wikispaces.com/ that have the exact feature. At
> the moment, it only has 2 bitmap sizes, which is 16px and 21px ( I
> think, could not remember anymore).
I'm not the expert here, I just assumed that hinting should help fonts
in small sizes, but I didn't test it though.

>If you are interested to know more, I'm willing to share my experience.
I'd really appreciate this, I'm by all means new in the font development
field and have very short experience.


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