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RE : Re: libquran configuration and compilation errors + patch

Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> a écrit :
2. It would be a _very_ wise idea to not only test this on Mandriva but
also say on Fedora, Debian, etc to make sure you have an all-encompassing
solution. I'd tend to guess that what you have in your patch won't
work for debian, et al. You can either study other people's code
to see how they addressed finding out where certain libraries are
installed and/or VMWARE install all these OSes to play with 'em.

I agree totally with you to test patches which act on configuration options on many distribs to be sure they don't break anything.

But I proposed the patch after testing it with: 1. the rpms found in the Mandriva distribution and 2. compiling and installing the source code got from the speex site and they seem to have chosen the installation of their headers to be in /usr/include/speex as similar to the ogg vorbis headers installed in /usr/include/ogg. So Ithought it is safe to think that distributions would follow the official installation, as was the case with Mandriva. Moreover, as the patch was not put in the cvs directly, I assumed it will be reviewed by arabeyes users and included in the cvs if it was worth to do it.

Nabil Ben Khalifa

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