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Re: Arabic spellchecker

> BTW, is that software available ?

It's a free software for libraries developed by a French team in PHP. It will
possible to use utf-8 in the next version (I'm working on it). There's still
some problems for arabic :
- I'm working on the fribidi algorithm to integrate it in PHP because libraries
that have arabic usually have also english or French books. (I'm working
currently for libanese libraries).
- I'm trying to solve the problem of sending data to PDF through PHP.
- Translation in arabic should be done. They don't use po file.
- Documentation have to be translated. It's currently only in French but a group
is translated in English.

The current version can be downloaded at www.sigb.net (French)
To get the unicode version, contact me. Due to some commercial company who tried
to get the new version and sell it closed source, we don't give anymore public
acces to the CVS version.

Any help is welcome.


> -- 
> Salam,
> Ahmad Khalifa